So, you need a shirt-dress?


I don't know about you, but I have extreme difficulty waking up in the mornings. I often need to wake up early (about 5 or 6 a.m.) and I set at least six or seven alarms.  I snooze all of them without hesitation -- mostly because I'm still half asleep.  When I wake up in the mornings I hardly have half a mind to make any type of wardrobe decisions. All that to say, my most favorite wardrobe pieces are items that are comfortable, versatile and easy to accessorize. 

 The button down shirt dress is one of my favorite trends right now, because there are so many ways to wear and accessorize it and I don't have to think about it.  

 Ways to wear this guy:

1) Wear it plain, and add a cute hat like I paired it on Dominique.

2) Throw a belt over it to create a waist-line.

3) Wear a cute pair of black jeans, throw on a white tank-top, and wear the button down dress on top to create a third layer! So many options for one item.  3- in -1!

Accessories also help make the outfit come together! I chose neutral shoes and a simple hat. Here are a few great accessories that can add a little statement to a simple outfit.


1) Hat- I paired the dress with a rusty colored hat because it complements the blue in the dress.

2) Shoes- I chose simple flats because they go with everything, and they are so comfortable! AND Dominique looks great in all these things!

 The great thing about fashion is that there are so many ways to wear the same piece of clothing.  It's fun to see how different people, and different body types can make some things look so different, and really cute.

 Here are a few resources to find a similar shirt dress for less:

The dress Dominique is wearing | Urban Outfitters | Forever 21- YES! |Forever 21 #2- Duh! | Those SHOES!  | and that HAT. (similar)

 All fabulous photos were taken by Kara!

clothing modeled by Dominique! 

Outfit styled by me :)


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